Wildlife Secrets Magazine : Vol 1 No 6

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This month’s features

Marsupial mice?

Despite being called ‘mice’, these rather small creatures of the Dasyuridae family are not related to those species at all. It’s a fascinating family, so look inside to learn more.

Introducing the Dingo

Let Maggie Harriman introduce you to the Dingo as you may never have seen them before. This family-orientated native was historically the natural apex predator among Australian animals and a key player in a delicate food web of this country.

Pollies want a cracker?

Mark David explores the fascinating and complex world of bird politics.

Secret overseas places: Galápagos Islands

We travel over the oceans this month to explore these magical islands so you can discover why they are one of the most important scientific places on Earth.

Cane Toad invasion

Learn how the dedicated and courageous volunteers behind Kimberley Toadbusters have shaped a ‘toadbusting’ effort not since before in Australia’s history.

Cane Toad ID

Do you know if it’s a Cane Toad or a native frog you are about to eradicate? This guide will help you identify which is which, from eggs to adults.

This month’s regulars

Secret sightings

Keith Hall takes us to a secret place in Perth to see a magnificent Osprey nesting within the ‘burbs.

Say hello to Def Leopard, an Antarctica visitor with a broad smile and even friendly sharp teeth. [this doesn’t quite make sense to me and also misses out the other seal, the Australian Fur Seal]

Peter Street explains the fascinating hidden world of the Orchard Swallowtail, from egg to glorious butterfly, all in 8 weeks.

Pull-out-and-keep poster – Mulgara

Secret rescue

Manfred Zabinskas reveals the art of rescuing a Koala. As koalas face habitat destruction and fragmentation due to creeping urbanisation, they are often found confused and defenceless against the tide. Learn how you can help these iconic mammals so we can ensure they don’t face extinction.

Puzzle me wild

Charge those neurons with this issue’s brain teasers.