Wildlife Secrets Magazine : Vol 4 No 3

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This month’s features

The spectacular Flinders: A rugged and scenic hideaway

Just half a day’s drive from Adelaide you’ll nd an incredible national park that is rugged and beautiful and simply transforms with every visit. Lisa Nunn ventures into this incredible place that lures photographers, adventurers, wildlife enthusiasts and travellers from around the world.

Chasing shadows: A bee-eater without equal

There are many bee-eaters on this planet, but none compare with our beautiful Rainbow Bee-eater. John Cooper not only magically captures them in pictures, he tells us all about this bird of dazzling colours.

Secret Places: Mountains in the sea: Flinders Island

‘Let the destination surprise you’– and Flinders Island, as Simon Watharow and Steve Cook attest, will do just that, with its many layers of subtle, yet wondrous, windswept and idyllic natural heritage sites that will simply win

you over.

The island of giant snakes: Mt Chappell Island—a unique natural history

Snakes alive! This is one of those places where you really z have to love them because they own the place. Renowned
for its Tiger snakes, some of Mt Chappell’s snakes are huge
because this unique island has provided the perfect island for a snake hideaway.

This month’s regulars

Secret rescue

Manfred Zabinskas comes to the rescue, but this time for four kangaroos that nd themselves in a deep hole, and it is one heck of a puzzle as to how they can get them out safely.

Kalari’s Joey. Image: Steve McNeil

Secret sightings

Missing something blue? It might just have become part of the homescape for a bowerbird. The lesser-known Western Bowerbird is not often seen but it has a passion for setting the stage, just like its more popular cousins.

Secret shutterbugs

Bernice and Mark O’Mahoney track down a Nankeen Kestrel,
a Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater and a Red-back Fairy-Wren to show us more of their their secret lives.