Wildlife Secrets Magazine : Vol 4 No 2

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Volume 4 • Number 2 • 2015



making the top-10 most venomous: It’s not what you think

A chance find of a new snake species in Western Australia sent reptile lovers into a frenzy. Could this be the most deadly of them all? but rating snakes is not as easy as it seems, as luke Allen explains.

 A frilling sight: reptiles of the Top End

There is something about the northern parts of Australia that makes it a lizard haven. If you’re quick, there are
so many reptiles to be spotted up there, and Jasmine Vink doesn’t shy away from these encounters of the herpetological kind.

largest Hawksbill Sea Turtle rookery: recovering after 150 years of exploitation

To our north, in the waters of the Coral Triangle, are the island homes of the captivating Hawksbill Sea Turtle. It has become all but extinct due to human hunting. Now, scientists and locals have come together to mount a massive rescue operation, and it’s working.

rehabilitating a sea snake from Tasmanian waters

When a deadly Yellow-bellied Sea Snake is stranded in
Tasmania, outside its known territorial waters, the big z question arises: how do we successfully set it free? It needs
medical care and a lot of lateral thinking, as this is a rescue
rarely undertaken.

Nutrition of Australian reptiles

We still know so little about reptiles, particularly what nutrition they need to survive in the wild and in captivity. Gordon rich from Wombaroo Food Products has compiled this handy guide with lots of tips for feeding.