Wildlife Secrets Magazine : Vol 2 No 5

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Vol 2 No 4 Cover

Vol 2 No 4 Cover

In this issue we dive into the ocean depths. Every year those most enigmatic of animals, whales, traverse our oceans, often coming close enough to shore for us to view. Described as the ‘greatest wildlife show on earth’, the inevitable network of boats that races out to meet them is no longer doing so with harpoons, thankfully, but with cameras and binoculars! In this special we look at the top spots to see whales around the country.

Further afield, Tony Holland takes us on a classic African safari – to an exotic location where you will find a dramatic world of animals only seen in Australia in the zoo. In the wilds of Africa, in particular at the Maasai Mara reserve, the savagery and wonders of life are played out in our Secret Places special.

And back home Maggie Harriman tells us about the plight of a female Wedge-tailed Eagle that needed to be separated from her nest and brood due to a serious injury.

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Our cover this month: Humpback whale breaches near Merimbula, NSW. Image: Wayne Reynolds

This month’s features


Maggie Harriman - A Wedge Tale

Maggie Harriman – A Wedge Tale

A wedge tale

Maggie Harriman is called to the rescue of a female Wedge- tailed Eagle. This queen of the air has been brought down to earth and needs rehabilitation. In the meantime, her partner has to become the sole parent to their brood, and this raises even more ups and downs and twists and turns in this wildlife tale.








Whale Watching

Whale watching

Whale watching

Australia’s wildlife-watching mobs take to cliffs, boats
and cruises to catch a glimpse of the world’s largest mammals when they come close to our shores. Find out the what, where, when and how you can see two of our most common whale species, the humpback and the Southern Right Whale, when they migrate to and from their breeding grounds.


African Safari - Tony Holland

African Safari – Tony Holland


Secret overseas places: African Safari

The majestic plains of the Maasai Mara in Africa are home to an endless number of earth-shaking animals on the move. Think lions, elephants, wildebeest, zebras and gazelles. Thousands of visitors go there to watch this great wildlife landscape and Tony Holland tells us what it is really like to witness the spectacle.




The genial dugongs of Vanuatu

The island nation of Vanuatu consists of 83 volcanic
islands and coral reefs surrounded by warm turquoise
waters and many lagoons. Each island has its ownz geographical characteristics but distributed in the
shallow waters are Dugong.


This month’s regulars

Pull-out-and-keep poster
This month’s poster features the largest land mammal on Earth, the African Elephant.

Secret sightings

Kay Parkin was lucky enough to see the elusive, beautiful Scarlet-chested parrot.
What do those cuckoos do to cause so much fuss and work for other birds? Peter youll found out as he watched the feathers fly.
In a small, secluded beach in tropical north Queensland, Matt Cornish had a breath-taking experience when he encountered a male Southern Cassowary and his chick.
If you see a little creature skipping among the bushes at sunset, take another look. It could be the rarely seen Spinifex Hopping Mouse.

Secret shutterbugs

The Mahoneys have been out and about and, this time, they have managed to capture a Sword-grass Brown, a Bronze-needle,
a yellow-striped Hunter and Silvereyes. Can you link the name to the animals before you take a peek?

Secret rescue

When Noisy miners go to war it can be a major problem. Fortunately, no conflict is too big for wildlife rescuer Manfred Zabinskas.

Creature conundrums

What do you do when microbats take up residence in your home? In this new series about humans versus animals, Tanya loos explains why there is not always an easy solution, and often it’s a case of learning ways to live with them.

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