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Planet Dinosaur

by on Apr.21, 2012, under Birds, Mammals, Media, Reptiles

Planet Dinosaur DVD CoverI recently watched a remarkable series on dinosaurs from the BBC called “Planet Dinsoaur”.

This show is a must-see for wildlife lovers because it provides such a great context for the wildlife we currently see on the planet today. In particular, questions around the evolution of birds from dinosaurs, egg laying versus birth of live young, protective adaptations, symbiotic relationships amongst species and much more.


While many dinosaurs look nothing like animals in existence today, many are remarkably similar to species still found. These include many reptiles such as crocodiles and lizards as well as aquatic animals like sharks that have changed little over millions of years.

The last ten years has seen an extraordinary amount of unique fossil finds, mainly in new sites in China and Mongolia. The BBC take this as a focus point for their presentation, relaying the magnitute of the finds through amazing recreations of the likely scenarios the dinosaurs can be found in. These might include intra-species fighting (as evidenced by a fossil tooth of a dinsoaur lodged in a member of its own species), feeding, hunting and breeding.

These recent finds have apparently turned the tables on the previous limits of dinsoaur knowledge, finding as many new species of dinosaurs as there were known beforehand. In addition, the interactions and attributes of many dinsoaurs have been inferred through some remarkable fossil discoveries.

The subsequent recreations of the dinosaur world from the BBC are made all the more remarkable through the use of modern CGI graphics, which bring to life a wide mixture of dinosaurs in very realistic reproductions. Dinsosaurs run like you would expect them to do, pteradactyls fly like you would imagine!

With an extraordinary ability to infer things like skin colouration (explained through pigmentation finds in fossils), the reconstructions are extremely life like and, one gets the impression from the authority of the show, probably very close to how they were actually.

This show is highly recommended due both to the amazing presentation and the realisation that the scientific substance of these recent finds needs to be made public. Like many viewers of the show, my knowledge of the subject matter was shown to be horribly inadequate in light of the gap of knowledge since my indoctrinaation into the dinosaur world from high school days.

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