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Wildlife Secrets Magazine : Vol 1 No 2

by on Mar.26, 2012, under Birds, Fauna, Magazine, Mammals, Reptiles

Living with raptors
“Since the earliest times, the speed, hunting prowess and sheer beauty of birds of prey have captured our imagination but, as we become the most ubiquitous animal on the planet, the nature of our relationship with them is changing fast.”

Macro world
“You don’t need to have a mob of kangaroos in your living room or crocodile-infested creeks in your backyard to be a wildlife photographer. Some of the best photo opportunities are lurking around the smallest city courtyards and balconies. Welcome to the spectacular world of macro photography.”

Wildlife vet
“For many people, the coming of spring means colourful blossoms and the end of freezing cold nights and windy wet days. For those of us who work with wildlife rehabilitation, spring is always greeted with a little trepidation. With the change of season comes spring orphans.”

Currawinya National Park
“My first trip to Currawinya National Park in south-west Queensland in 2005 was vastly different to my recent trip last November. The park ranger told us that the lakes had been dry only twice in the last 100 years, and so to see a shimmering dirt bowl where water should have been was very disappointing. Dead turtles littered the area, and there was not a lot of birdlife around with exception of a lonely Emu wandering across the dry lakebed…”

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