Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve Rainforest walk

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Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve comprises 55 hectares of National Estate-listed subtropical rainforest overlooking the Glasshouse Mountains. Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is located at 148 Mountain View Road in Maleny, Queensland.

Mark David met us and took us on a magnificent walk through a stable meandering track through this magnificent rainforest. The wildlife was pleasantly easily observed and accessible. Due to the darkness, a strong flash is needed. Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is committed to the conservation and enhancement of the natural habitat of the area, and to the provision of a valued community resource for education, research, recreation and enjoyment. 


The signage is excellent as well as the range of flora and fauna. The wonderful artwork of stranglers and epiphytes really amazed me. The seed of the strangler fig starts life as an epiphyte!

Numerous species of birds flitter in and out amongst the foliage, presenting a range of opportunities, although some species are very shy! The bird life of the Reserve is well documented and includes 139 recorded species, including the endangered Coxen’s Fig Parrot and the rare Grey Goshawk. Look out for pitas, catbirds, whip birds and robins.


Red-necked pademelons will approach those quiet enough. These usually timid creatures are the delight of the forest.

For fungi enthusiasts, we found some creative samples on the logs and within leaf litter.

While the calls echoed cross the rainforest, it was easy to feel under a spell, when unfortunately the walk ends after around an hour. It really caps off a great day when the staff at the reception are friendly and there is a wonderful cafe to simmer down to real life with a cappuccino. Bye bye Eastern Yellow Robin