Litchfield National Park Northern Territory

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Licthfield is roughly 100 km south-west of Darwin. The Park is generally accessible all year (sealed roads) via Batchelor. In the dry season it is also possible to get to the Park via Cox Peninsula Road, that is incidentally a great wildlife sight seeing road. Roughly 1500 kmof sandstone habitats with several amazing waterfalls that simply are world class.


This national park has a great impact for those  seeking ga wildlife experience mixed with the rare and envious ability to go for a swim. The swim is equally amazing when you snorkel expect to see a variety of life including sooty grunters, long toms, occasionally a freshwater crocodile and yello w faced turtles. As with us a Mertens Water monitor will be allow visitors are chance to get that great image. The boardwalks allows great images of teh falls and a place to rest. The camping grounds are world class with access all year round.


We chanced on some beautiful orb weavers that have a plentiful abundance of insects here. Frill neck lizards, skinks, can be seen. Raptors will also make their rounds across the tree line. Litchfield is one of those places where you can forget about life for a little while. Before you drive off their is the chance of seeing the wonderful magnetic termite mounds.