Fogg Dam in Darwin – wetland delight

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Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve is an accessible all year round wetland systems connectivity through the Adelaide River system. The Adelaide River catchment is one of several connected catchments which make up the Top End wetlands. This is the remnant of a failed attempt to grow rice. Instead the region became an internationally rtecognised bird sanctuary.

On our recent visit through the area we were unfortunately only driving through at night. From a reptile point of view its common to see a variety of reptiles and frogs at night. Often small crocodiles will be on the road during the wet season. However as amusing as crocs are we were keen to see our old friends the water pythons and keelbacks. As well as the species of frogs.

The night was promising with a low pressure system and importantly new moon or no moon. The night was warm enough for activity and this was immediately obvious when after we missed one Keelback we came across a Slatey Grey Snake a innocuous colorbrid, bitey but usually seen at night. We kept on through the night seeing several water pythons, keelbacks, and were watchful of the red eyes that were along the waters edges. Saltwater and Freshwater crocodiles are common here including the big 4 metre one they are trying to catch still!


The trip kept on with search on foot and through a wood chip like frenzy of insects attracted to our lights. Once had to hold their breath intermittedly while walking to avoid a moth dinner.The frogs were happy to find dinner so readily. We saw the Masked owls, barn owls and nigh jars about.


This happy frog was seen sitting on top of the fence posts along the road.


The Water Python is very common here. Reptile enthusiasts from all over Australia and even the world come to find and observe them here. They have done ell due to the plentiful rats that exits here.


This must be a “happy camper” Green Tree Frog finds a home inside the donation box for the Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve.


A rather serious looking spider was also prowling for the abundant insects.


This magnificent looking Litoria rothi, was a common find here in Fogg Dam and even within urban Darwin.