Far North Queensland – July 2012 7 days Pt 1

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During July, I visited the far North Queensland. I have loaded some images and what I saw in both wildlife parks and during excursions in the field.

Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas.is a beautiful and magical place that has amazing board walks with truly spectacular wildlife that occur right in plain view. It’s remarkably well managed and offers those with less fitness and time constraints a great chance to walk the rain forest.

Rainforest Habitat in Port Douglas.


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Australian Tarantula burrow and web, under suitable fallen timber, often resides the female and a male plus smaller burrows with juveniles.

Australian Tarantula burrow and web

Martin Baxter from the education company Snakewise, removes a harmless snake the Keelback Tropidonophis mairii from a yard. The Julatten form is often referred to as the “banana keelbacks” because of its unusual colouration.

Marty and the Keelback

This charismatic and beautiful snake is nevertheless, venomous and potentially harmful. rarely seen its quite the snake seen more around My Glorious and Mt Nebo regions.


Stephen's banded Snake Hoplocephalus stephensi


Fungi types in the wood along the edge of the wet forest.

Whistling Ducks (Dendrocygna arcuata) were abundant across North Queensland, aroud waterways and wildlife parks. they are very attractive and make whistling sounds when they fly.

Whistling Duck