Dinosaur hunting at Inverloch

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The Flat Rocks fossil site at Inverloch is located approximately 150 km south-east of Melbourne, on the south coast of Victoria. The area has special significance to Australia’s fossil history as the discovery of Australia’s first dinosaur bone, the Cape Paterson Claw, was found at a nearby site in 1903 by William Ferguson. The currently active site was discovered in 1991 when a group of researchers from Monash University and Museum Victoria were prospecting that part of the coastline for suitable locations for potential fossil dig sites. The dinosaur dreaming project annually does fossil hunts. According to the museum Victoria website they are no longer taking volunteers.

On a whim I took my daughter who is dinosaur mad out to the region.

The region is mostly heathland along the coastline. A small waterfall is evident on the left as you walk in. The boardwalk is friendly but with numerous steps.

The shore line is heavily strewn with rocks and walking can be tricky. Importantly you have to watch the tide as it can surge in quickly and timing when the tide is out is important.

The walking is made treacherous with lichen and algae rocks that can cuase injury. The hunt was on! We examined rocks to search for evidence. My daughter is young that the main thing was fun.

So we looked at the age difference in rocks, explained the various types of rocks. the recent heavy storms had eroded the cliff face causing new rocks to fall own and provided some new objects to see.

It is easy to see how this site represents an amazing area to travel millions of years in time to find evidence of life.


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