Australian Kangaroos

Eastern Grey Kangaroo


  • Found in woodlands, sub- forests, mountain forests.
  • nocturnal and crepuscular and is mostly seen early in the morning or as the light starts to fade in the evening
  • a grazer, eating a wide variety of grass.
  • Newborn young climbs into the pouch, attaching itself to one of four teats.
  • The joey leaves the pouch at about 11 months of age.
  • The joey feeds from the mother until 18 months

Western Kangaroo

Stands to 1.3 metres tall weighs around 35-38kg.38kg

occurs in groups or mobs 1- 15
Grasses but also on leafy shrubs and low trees
Joeys are raised from hairless on teats for 130 days till small adults at 16 – 18 months.

Red Kangaroo

Adapts well to drought. Males can be asĀ  two metres and weigh up to 90 kilograms. Most of dry inland Australia, including desert, grassland, mallee and mulga country. Grasses and other green plants.

Living With Roos

An unfortunate attitude is current with mass culls of kangaroos. This is controversial and has many faces to the discussion. There are various reasons why management plans resort to culls as a technique.

Management plans exist in most states for the taking, culling or destroy permits for a substantial list of animal species that present problems to farmers, public parks, public land and home owners.

Kangaroos can damage fencing, occur in large numbers whether by population dynamics or land scape changes, cause traffic hazards and can become trapped by extensive land loss through urban development.

Emergency kangaroo Sightings/Reports

Sightings of kangaroos displaced within urban housing or industrial areas is somewhat common. various factors play a role loss of habitat, predation (being chased by dogs), disorientation after a mild collision, displaced males or when foraging. If you see a roo on a property or region you feel is dangerous to traffic or may not be able to return to its natural habitat. Please contact a wildlife rescue agency or Department of conservation/wildlife in your respective state. Keep an eye on roo from 10 metres away. A kangaroo will tolerate you watching from a large distance.