A Sight Seeing Around Brisbane

by on Aug.04, 2012, under Birds, Fauna, Information, Location, Mammals, Queensland, Reptiles

Some sights around Brisbane.

Feeding sign near Beerwah

Inverted Orb Weaver spider species?

Beautiful marsupials that we saw near Mary Cairns Cross Rainforest walk.

Red - legged Pademelon

A huge snail crossing roads near Mt Nebo.

Carniivoorous Land Snail

large monitor lizards like Lace Monitors can be seen around the woodlands.

Lace Monitor Varanus varius

While driving at night revealed numerous species of rats, small frogs like this Rocket frog.

Rocket Frog Litoria nasuta


This bird was seen in the high tree line. I am not sure what it is, any takers?

Yellow Bird (Robin?)