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Wildlife Secrets Magazine : Vol 3 No 2

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Tawny Frogmouths

Vol 3 No 2 OUT NOW!

In this issue we tackle important challenges for those who work or volunteer in wildlife protection. Our articles range from the rescuing of large numbers of injured birds during duck hunting season to the commercial kangaroo industry, where the divergent perceptions of this animal, from being too many and a nuisance to being celebrated as a national icon and major tourist drawcard, play a significant role.

Jess Ison relates the sad story of the annual duck-shooting season. Hundreds of injured birds result from this sport and large numbers of protected species are killed. While the news is somewhat good, in that numbers of shooters have dwindled over the years, there is still much to do to ensure our ducks do not end up on the ‘endangered’ list.

In “Selling out the kangaroo”, Louise Boronyak highlights some of the welfare issues surrounding the commercialisation of kangaroo shooting and debunks myths about kangaroos that are used to prop up the industry. But more than this, Louise provides a positive message about how we can move away from the status quo and provide a conservation-focussed endgame.

It’s hard to imagine why some people treat wildlife with indifference as here, at the magazine, we are constantly amazed by animals. When Kay Parkin travelled to a far-flung Aussie outpost, Christmas Island, to take a look at
an area known as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean she found incredible species, some of which live only on this island. The annual red crab migration, where millions of these creatures make their way to the sea to spawn by literally flowing through the town do so, is breathtaking.

Our beautiful cover this month of a pair of Tawny Frogmouths was taken by John Cooper. Inside, he tells you all about how he managed to document their nightly activities and capture these gorgeous photos.

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