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Wildlife Secrets Magazine : Vol 3 No 1

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Vol 2 No 3 : Click for contents

Vol 2 No 3 : Click for contents

Volume 3 No 1


This magazine is the start of our third year of publication and we’d like to say a big thank you to all our readers, as well as to our authors, photographers, editorial staff, sponsors and advertisers. Together you have made this a truly remarkable publication that is still raising eyebrows wherever it is seen.

To start this third year off with a bang, we’d like to announce the winner of the last issue’s exciting EarthWatch Expedition Competition – the prize being a seven-day trip across the north of Queensland with Earthwatch Australia. We had tremendous interest in this competition, and for good reason – this unique and exciting prize is worth two thousand dollars! The lucky subscriber whose number was drawn is Tony Egan from South Australia. Congratulations Tony, we know you will have an amazing time up there. And we hope you will bring back some stories and photos we can share with our readers.

Speaking of competitions, we have the results of our readers’ images competition in this issue, where you, the reader, gave us your best wildlife photos. We have published all of the winning shots, along with many of the rest. There was a large number of entries, and we couldn’t fit them all in this issue, so we’ll be sure to print more of the best in our next magazine!

As always, in this issue we have some great wildlife for you, including the Major Mitchell cockatoo, tree-kangaroos, the somewhat scary cookie-cutter shark and an excursion through the amazing wildlife of Rainbow Valley.

And next issue get ready for the Flight of Your Life competition … but shhh, it’s still secret!

Kangaroos can’t climb trees! Or can they?

In north Queensland they do things differently. Well, the kangaroos do—they really live and clamber around in trees. Karen Coombes has been studying and rescuing tree-kangaroos for more than a decade and she lets us in on a few of their secret ways.

The elusive cookiecutter shark

These creatures are rarely seen but, if they bite, you’ll know it. Sylvia Adam has delved into the world of these small sharks with mighty mouths that leave a signature mark.

Secret places: Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve

In the heart of our continent lies a reserve like no other. Lisa and Peter Nunn love this area, so who better to show us around.

Become a Koala tracker

If, like us, you are worried about the future of this iconic Australian animal, then here is how you can help. Alex Harris thinks being a Koala tracker is definitely the way to go.

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