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Emu Lost

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Emu in yard.


Imagine sitting down coffee in hand. Ummm that hit the spot. But wait whats that meandering around, pecking the ground? The coffee cup hits the deck and your mouth too.


An Emu is parading around your yard. Apparently this happens in some urban yards across Australia. While not so much in the metropolis of Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane except when petr or farmed emus escape.

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Black Swans and collars

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Black Swan with a research collar, Albert Park lake, Victoria.

Swan without a collar.

In some parts of Australia the ecology of Black Swans is being studied. Aspects such as mortality of signets, predation and migration/flight patterns. I have attached he pdf here for information on the collars themselves.

Black swan neck collar info

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Snake wise – Keelback Tropidonophis mairi removal

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In July, a visit to a Julatten yard saw the exciting removal of  harmless, if not unusual coloured Keelback Tropidonophis mairi snake. martin Baxter runs Snakewise and educational and reptile relocation service in FNQ. Well know locally and originally a Melbournian who turned north to find the sun and adventure.

Martin and Kaz, get a team effort happening with the Keelback the reluctant third party!

Snakes especially during the warmer months are fond of large sheets of corrugated iron, which retain the warmth longer and remain dry.


SW-keelback- so called "banana form"

A night time trip to dinner, met with a wayward Slaty – grey Snake on the road surface, quickly identified correctly!  This species often confused with a potentially harmful Small – eyed Snake.

Tailing the night time Slaty - grey Snake.





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Wombat – check out my nails

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Say hello to my burrowing friend! Recently orphaned when its mother was killed. People are always surprised how pronounced the wombats claws are.

Common Wombat

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Brisbane Botanical gardens

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Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha is Queensland’s premier subtropical botanic gardens. The 52 hectare gardens are located seven kilometres from the city centre on Mt Coot-tha Road, Toowong. Entry to the gardens is free. Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha features Japanese Gardens and a Freedom Wall monument. The botanic gardens are also home to the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium.

Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha offers visitors a living museum of native and exotic plant collections. Its themed sections include a scented garden, Japanese Gardens, waterfalls and the largest collection of Australian native rainforest trees in the world. The Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium is a feature,


Some amazing wildlife were seen casually basking. Like the Eastern Water Dragons.


The botanic gardens are also home to the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium.


Walking around the various well signed gardens. Introducing native and exotic gardens.

Walking the gardens

The bird life while predictable urban species, they were quite bold and allowed great visibility and would delight every one.



Well signed gardens

Some people enjoy their duck feeding. There were several species and of course the ever present Ibis.

Duck feeding what gardens don't.

The ever present Ibis and the whistling and black ducks, were high in number as with seagulls made a racket.

Ibis and the feeding ducks.

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Far North Queensland – July 2012 7 days Pt 1

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During July, I visited the far North Queensland. I have loaded some images and what I saw in both wildlife parks and during excursions in the field.

Wildlife Habitat in Port a beautiful and magical place that has amazing board walks with truly spectacular wildlife that occur right in plain view. It’s remarkably well managed and offers those with less fitness and time constraints a great chance to walk the rain forest.

Rainforest Habitat in Port Douglas.


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Australian Tarantula burrow and web, under suitable fallen timber, often resides the female and a male plus smaller burrows with juveniles.

Australian Tarantula burrow and web

Martin Baxter from the education company Snakewise, removes a harmless snake the Keelback Tropidonophis mairii from a yard. The Julatten form is often referred to as the “banana keelbacks” because of its unusual colouration.

Marty and the Keelback

This charismatic and beautiful snake is nevertheless, venomous and potentially harmful. rarely seen its quite the snake seen more around My Glorious and Mt Nebo regions.


Stephen's banded Snake Hoplocephalus stephensi


Fungi types in the wood along the edge of the wet forest.

Whistling Ducks (Dendrocygna arcuata) were abundant across North Queensland, aroud waterways and wildlife parks. they are very attractive and make whistling sounds when they fly.

Whistling Duck


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